Tooth colored fillings, veneers, crowns and bridges

Tooth colored fillings, veneers, crowns and bridges

  • We are a metal/amalgam free office. No more silver fillings. Fillings not only last longer, but also look natural with toothcoloredfillings.
  • Veneers are used to cover cracks and chips, close unsightly gaps, change the shape of your teeth, stained teeth and crooked teeth.
  • Crowns are a great treatment option when a tooth has a large cavity, is broken, fractured, more than 50% of its structure is missing, and to replace a failing existing crown.
  • Bridges are great when it comes to replacing missing teeth when implants are not selected. Missing teeth lead to a decrease in chewing abilities, change in bite and loss of facial.

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Service Cost: $99.00

Duration:  1h 20m

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What our patients say

I urgently required dental help last 4th of July. And despite all other clinics being closed, BeDentist took my appointment!

Herbert Wallace

- May 10, 2016

Comparing teeth whitening prices here and elsewhere, I picked BeDentist. The result was beyond my expectations!

Gary Growles

- May 10, 2016

Taking my kids to a dentist has never been easier. They just loved the welcoming and warm atmosphere in there!

Daniela Robbery

- May 10, 2016