At Madison Square Family Dental, we are passionate about helping all of our patients to achieve the smile they want in a cost-effective way. Affordable dentistry at your convenience is what we do. That’s why we’re accept almost all insurances, offer flexible financing, and have our own in-house Dental Savers Plan for those without insurance so they can enjoy similar benefits as those who have private dental insurance.


No Insurance? No Problem. You Can Still Save on Dental Care!

Are you currently uninsured or underinsured? If you are like millions of Americans, you are probably familiar with the stress of finding quality dental care at a cost that fits your budget. That’s why we at Madison Square Family Dental have designed a Dental Savers Plan for those who have no dental insurance.


About our Dental Savers Plan

  • It is an affordable alternative to traditional dental insurance. For an individual plan, it is $175 per year, and for a family plan, it is $250 per year. Each plan includes 2 exams and unlimited x-rays at no charge, plus a discounted fee schedule for almost all major dental procedures. The discount ranges from 20-50% on almost all dental procedures when compared to the usual and customary fees in the area.


DentalSaversPlan No Dental Savers Plan
Exams — $0 Exams —$101
Full mouth x-rays —$0 Full mouth x-rays —$150
Regular Cleaning –$70 Regular Cleaning —$103
3 surface white filling —$228 3 surface white filling —$285
Complete denture —$1578 Complete denture —$2100
Porcelain veneer — $952 Porcelain veneer —$1316
Porcelain crown —$1000 Porcelain crown —$1316
Surgical Extraction —$199 Surgical extraction —$249


Call our team to learn more about your financial options at Madison Square Family Dental. Phone number 615-280-6074



  • We are in-network with all major insurance companies

Give us a call to schedule your next cleaning at 615-280-6074



  • We accept both so you can utilize the money you have already set aside on your much needed dental needs





  • Patient-focused financing plan that works like a credit card
  • Lets you pay medical bills through affordable monthly payments
  • No interest as long as you pay in full by the end of your plan